Microsoft Visual Studio 11 – Join the Beta

If you are in the business of application development, you are no doubt already familiar with the purpose and functions of the Microsoft Visual Studio software. For those of you who are just being introduced to the application, however, Microsoft Visual Studio is a compiled set of development utilities and other technologies that aid developers in building powerful, high-quality applications. 

In essence, Visual Studio is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which helps with simulating the functions and processes of an application, thus allowing the developers to make necessary changes and debug discovered issues. The program contains a compiler or an interpreter, a source code editor, a debugger,and tools for running tests, deployment, packaging, compiling, etc. Additionally, the program can be used in a team environment where multiple programmers are jointly responsible for the development and design of an application.

Microsoft Visual Studio 11

Recently, Microsoft has constructed the Microsoft Visual Studio 11 software. The software is still in its Beta phase, but is available for download and testing. If you currently have Visual Studio 10 installed, you do not need to uninstall or upgrade in order to utilize the new VS 11 Beta, you can simply install it alongside its predecessor and run it separately. The preview that is currently available is an IDEand ALM that will assist with architecture, code creation, user interface design, code deployment, validation, code analysis and testing. This new release allows for development and support for Windows 8 as well as Windows Azure and numerous language enhancements.

In addition to Windows 8 support, this new release also has other improvements, including a code clone detector, and code review workflow

Install Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Preview

Depending on the size of your development team, you may decide on either one of the 4 Visual Studio Beta release versions: Ultimate Beta, Test Professional Beta, Premium Beta and Professional Beta.


Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Ultimate Beta

The Ultimate Beta is, as its name suggests, a multifaceted and all-inclusive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) application. This application targets software development companies with large teams who are creating and utilizing software applications and services which will more than likely be growing at a constant rate.

The large-scale development program comprises of validation utilities and architecture discovery tools that allow organizations to efficiently monitor technical debt and their teams can maintain the integrity of their architecture. The comprised QOS testing applications allows the validation of how scalable the developing application can be to determine its suitability for the required scaling measurement.

Furthermore, the integrated production debugging and incident management allows development teams and operations teams to effortlessly monitor and maintain production.

Install Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Ultimate Beta


Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Premium Beta

The Premium Beta is also an ALM solution which is geared at everyone from small development teams to full-scale development companies. The program allows for easy collaboration of business analysts, developers, project managers, testers, end users and all others involved by providing the necessary integration tools to bring the project together.

Install Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Premium Beta


  • ·Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Professional Beta (Description and Features)

If you need to create multi-level applications across the web, devices and clouds, then the Professional Beta is your Visual Studio of choice. This program is especially great for building applications for the newly released Windows 8, as it has the capacity to preserve and modernize already existing applications while creating new apps for the aforementioned platform. You will be able to generate designs in both HTML5 and XAML for Windows 8 with Blend for Visual Studio and the use of LightSwitch projects allows you to quickly create out-of-the-box LOB programs.

Install Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Professional Beta


Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Test Professional Beta

This program is designed specifically for everyone on the team who needs to be a part of the collaboration process, but does not necessarily need an IDE. The Test Professional Beta will provide a toolset for integrated testing and product management which will ensure quality throughout the development process. The program also provides support for customer feedback, requirements definitions that are lightweight and the ability to trace processes.

Install Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Test Professional Beta

Metro Style Applications

You can also create Metro style programs, however you will need to install the Visual Studio 11 developer preview with developer tools and 64-bit architecture.  Unfortunately, you cannot develop Metro style applications on any other Preview version of Windows 8.


Release Information

As of yet, there has been no official Visual Studio 11 release information, as they are still collecting information and feedback from Beta testers and end users. However, the pre-release is scheduled to expire at the end of June 2012 at which time the latest version will have to be installed.  It is therefore safe to assume that the release of the official finished product will occur before or around June 2012.



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