MIT to host 2013 American Nuclear Society Student Conference

The MIT American Nuclear Society Student Section has won the bid to host the 2013 ANS Student Conference in Spring 2013. A team of more than 30 undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT crafted the successful proposal to bring the conference back to MIT. The conference, which has grown significantly in attendance, visibility and stature over the last decade, has been hosted at MIT three times previously, but not since 1994.

The proposed conference theme, “Public Image of the Nuclear Engineer” is aimed at developing awareness of political challenges and inspiring young nuclear engineers to engage with society in ways that reflect positively on nuclear technology. It is derived, in part, from the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering educational hallmark: Science-Systems-Society.

MIT-ANS will film and launch a video outreach project at the 2013 conference titled “I’m a Nuke.” The goal is to break the old stereotype of nuclear engineers and introduce the public to today’s nuclear scientists and engineers — young, diverse, and as Steve Jobs would say, “insanely great.”


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