Twitter Suspends, Then Reactivates, Top Anonymous Account

Twitter Suspends, Then Reactivates, Top Anonymous Account

Alex Fitzpatrick

17 hours ago

Twitter on Wednesday suspended @YourAnonNews, an Anonymous-affiliated account with 750,000 followers.

The handlers behind the suspended account quickly migrated to @YANBackUp, which was set up for just this occasion:

This account will remain dorment unless: 1. @YourAnonNews gets rate limited. 2. @YourAnonNews gets suspended. – From the team.

, and its contributors wait to hear from @twitter. Our ticket number is #6930160.

Update: Twitter has reactivated @YourAnonNews, which was apparently disabled for sharing private information, according to a screenshot of an email posted by @YANbackup:


Other top Anonymous accounts are still active and tweeting in support of @YourAnonNews. Some observers are expecting Anonymous to unleash a cyberoffensive against Twitter in retribution for the suspension. However, major Anonymous accounts are refuting that, arguing Twitter is a platform for Anonymous’ speech and should not be targeted.

those of us who are level minded are NOT declaring war on Twitter. we are waiting for the request for to be unsuspended to b submit’d.

This will not be a war between and @twitter. won’t attack the media and the very same platforms we use to communicate.

Mashable has reached out to Twitter for more information.

The account suspension may be connected to Anonymous’ recent crusade against the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, during which members of the hacktivist collective posted the personal information of church members.


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